DHC Architects

A Professional Architecture Practice

Chartered Architects providing building solutions for homeowners and commercial projects in South East England

DHC Architects offers a broad architectural and interior design service on projects up to £3m., including private homes and offices, retail & industrial developments and interiors.

Don Clark

A RIBA-chartered architect with over thirty years' experience, Don has run his successful business for many years, has worked in over 20 local authority areas, and has been responsible for the design of over 100 projects. These have required careful and considered design, negotiation and working practice, together with a solid and detailed technical knowledge, all of which play to Don's strengths.

DHC Architects

“Don worked very hard to get planning permission. Significantly through his skill and judgement, and against my expectations, planning was obtained (for) our new, and very necessary, factory.”

Richard Wylde, Managing Director, Thomas Keating Ltd

Surrey Architect

“Innovative design...brought significant value to the property”

“Don’s skill lies in conceiving an innovative design whilst undertaking rigorous skilful and productive negotiations with the local authority Planners.

The concept and impressive attention to detail gave Oriel College a solution that had not previously seemed possible, and brought significant added value to the property.

Oriel has been delighted with the service provided by DHC Architects and is very happy to commend them for similar work”.

Gerald Inns, Master of Works, Oriel College, Oxford